Pension Release Schemes

Transfer your pension now and retain 100% of your pension after transfer is complete. The aim is to get the best possible and safest return through mainly UK pensions  investing in commercial freeholds and gilts where returns on investments are historically stable.

To qualify you need to have at least 5 years before retirement, and a Pension Value over £10,000.00

We are a  financial marketing and lead generation organisation putting you in touch with independent financial consultants and advisers whose job it is to provide you with a series of robust options for you and your investments they will provide you with an initial Pension Review with options for you to consider.

We need you to complete a short fact find to get a snap shot of exactly what you are looking for.

You will need to complete a Pension Review that will measure your pension’s growth since the policy was taken out and provide you with a series of Pension Release options that you can consider! If you are unsure then get a second opinion.

  • You will be offered other services such as ensuring that you have sufficient protection in place in the event of your death or incapacity and could we save you money on your premiums?
  • We act as Independent intermediaries to a highly experienced team of Independent Advisers offering advice across the full range of financial services for individuals.

Protection Review – ensuring that your cover is adequate, up to date and cost effective (a number of insurers have improved levels of cover and reduced rates over the last few years)

Independent advisers are well placed to be able to offer you totally impartial advice and also provide you with professional and personal service.

By reviewing your situation together with you, they can hopefully ensure that all your financial services elements are cost efficient and that you are maximizing the best deals.

Trusted information ought to be sought when making any choices that might affect your financial future. A poor decision could even adversely affect your standard and worst case scenario could result in you losing your money.

Here we provide you with a fast and simple way to find a reliable, professional, firm of independent pension advisers who will explain the procedure of taking an early pension release to you in layman’s terms.

Through us we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about any concerns you have about the potential of taking an early pension release.